Success is my daughter, I want her back at all cost – Dad of little Obidient girl

A Nigerian man, Abuchi Eze, has expressed regrets while identifying himself as father of little Chioma Success. 

Chioma made headlines on Facebook after showing applaudable energy and vibes during the rally held for presidential candidate, Peter Obi, on October 1st, 2022.

In a trending video, he admitted chasing the lady away when she was pregnant. He also revealed why he did it.

Abuchi said, "My name is Abuchi Eze. I know her did her wrong. She was pregnant and I chased her out. I was childish then. But please I need you all to help me and beg Gift. Success is my daughter. I want her back. It's not because of the money. If going to prison will make you forgive me, then I will go."

See how people react below:

Angela Amaka commented: "Mumu, you no even get shame, that how GOD will keep disappointing you guys, now you won to reap where you did not reap. Ndiara."

DC Magazine said: "Fight for your blood as far she born the child the child is your child." 

Love Kwin reacted: "Okpo gift my girl flend go sit down don't come near them or else mother earth will swallow you mkpi." 

Joachim Obetta reacted: "Brother your blood remain your blood, fight for your right, All I know weather gift like it or not she'll definitely say the truth one day."

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