How To Enjoy Glo Free Daily 1GB Cheat Using EC Tunnel PRO VPN

It's time for us to enjoy another free browsing on the Glo network yet again but this time around, it is not unlimited, as it is capped at 1GB per day which in my opinion is a very good one.

Glo 1GB daily cheat is free, stable and fast with the help of EC Tunnel PRO VPN or EC Tunnel LITE VPN. As we all know that cheat doesn't last longer as the loophole can be blocked at anytime.

Without wasting much of your time, let's go straight to the main topic of this post. 


As I said earlier, this cheat is fast, stable and free if only you have good Glo network in your location. Kindly follow the steps below. It's very easy to setup. 

1. First of all, download EC Tunnel PRO VPN or EC Tunnel LITE VPN from Playstore - Download Here

2. Now subscribe to Glo WTF Social bundle (your WTF data will not be deducted. It's just to power up the cheat to work). Subscribe by dialing "777# and follow the instructions to subscribe for Glo social WTF bundle

3. After you have subscribed to any of the WTF plans, kindly open your EC Tunnel VPN and select any Server and then select Glo 1GB/Day Tweak and Connect 

4. It will be connected successfully within 10 seconds.  After it has connected, kindly minimise the vpn and start enjoying your internet for free.

That's all friends. If you have any questions, please ask them in the comment box below and I will reply instantly. 

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