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“If You Cheat on me, You go Collect” — Khalid Reveals What He Will Likely Do To Daniella (Video)

The big brother Naija level up season 7 housemate Khalid who was evicted from the big brother Naija show after a fierce romance with fellow housemate Daniella.

Khalid after leaving the house through eviction the fans where all wondering what becomes of his relationship with Daniella, Daniella was later caught in a turn of events as she profess love to fellow housemate Dotun despite always acknowledging the fact that she she still has feelings for Khalid.

Khalid who on a show was talking about cheating and what he could do if he was Cheated on, said on the show that he will not leave a cheating girlfriend because he must make sure a cheating girlfriend is punished with the same cheating rod. “I will punish you emotionally” he said.

This could be the first time he is reacting after videos of his supposed girlfriend Daniella on bed with fellow housemate Dotun, watch the video below


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