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Ice Prince bailed after being treated like a kidnap kingpin; here’s how to avoid police embarrassment unlike the rapper

The story that popular rapper Ice Prince Zamani got arrested and arraigned for assaulting a policeman, kidnapping him, and attempting to throw him into a river is one of most shocking stories of last week. He was apprehended, remanded in jail for days, treated like a kidnap kingpin. 

Although he has been eventually freed on a bail of 500K on Friday September 9, with trials set to continue, it’s all shades of wrong if the allegations are eventually proven true as potential jail awaits.

However, it has damaged Ice Prince’s reputation, and a couple of other modest ways to uphold his rights against police assault and brutality could have spared the Oleku singer the embarrassment.

Here’s how to not be unfortunate and embarrassed like Ice Prince Zamini when dealing with police in this country.

  1. Don’t intentionally flout the law. According to the reports, Ice Prince was riding in an unregistered vehicle. That’s one way too easy to invite po-po trouble.
  2. Instead of resulting to assault and physical harm, capture every conversation via video or record. It’s easily the smartest move. I reckon Ice Prince would have thought of this but if he truly was on the wrong side of the law, then a footage would have only served to ensure his safety from harm, manipulation and exploitation.
  3. Have a good personal defence lawyer and remember to dial them when in such situations. They’re not only there to put on wig and a black robe to defend you in court.


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