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How My Wife Really Feels About My Kissing Scenes – Etim Effiong

Popular Nollywood actor, Daniel Etim Effiong, is without a doubt one of the country’s most sought-after movie stars and a household name in Nollywood.

He recently had a starring role in blockbuster productions such as Superstar, Blood Sisters, and Oloture, among others.

If there’s one thing fans know the actor for, it’s his ability to effortlessly interpret romantic roles in movies as well as portray the role of a play boy.

Despite being a married man, he still exudes that passion and brings acting to life while co-starring in romantic roles with other actors.

Although he is married to his colleague Toyosi Philip, the actor recently talked about how he deals with the topic of his passionate scene with his wife in an interview.

Speaking in an interview with media personality Ebuka Obi-Uchendu on Rubbin’Minds, Ebuka asked:

“Does being married to someone in the industry help because we’ve seen a lot of your work, there is a lot of passion sometimes. Does it ever [cause problem]? Is it a conversation you guys have? I’m just trying to understand. How do you navigate that?” He said:

We talk about it. We talk about it all the time. The safe thing to do is to come and report yourself before she sees it on screen. So that’s what I do. I come home and say “okay, I had a really interesting scene today and this is what happened.” But she’s in the industry as well so she understands. I mean she trained in New York Film Academy so she understands the process. She understands what it entails. So we talk about it a lot and I sort of like shield her from it. So I tell her what she knows exactly. I won’t come and rub it in her face like “Oh my goodness, see this scene I did today,” no absolutely none of that. And I’m very open with it as well. When I might be getting into trouble, I report myself like “okay there’s a situation we need to talk about” and try to be as open as possible. So that’s how we manage it.

“Do people cross the line sometimes? Be it actors or fans?”

Absolutely. That happens. More with the fans than the actors cuz I’d like to think that all my colleagues are professional. But how do I handle it? I understand that it is a human thing. I’ve been on their side of the divide before. I have crushed on actresses before. So what I do is I convert them to friends, especially for the ones that come really hard. So I try to talk them through it and convert them to friends, introduce them to the family if I must, and just play it safe. That is the key thing for me, what’s safe? You know, I have boundaries. Always have boundaries. And I won’t claim that I have everything figured out. I am learning through it and I’m getting help as well.


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