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Greatest PSquare Love Hits Through The Years

Remember back in the days when digital tools and services were limited and we couldn’t see song lyrics? PSquare dominated lyric-magazines and their songs helped some people kick-start their romantic journeys.

The brothers had a remarkable knack for making love songs that people loved and it became a norm for their songs to grace weddings and several other romantic occasions.

At one point, we even dubbed them a blend of Usher and R-Kelly because of their dance moves, style, and how well they documented and communicated feelings of love, heartbreak, and sex in their songs.

From the sobering Omoge Mi and Say Your Love, to Temptation, the sonnet No One Like You, the reassurance-seeking and poignant Am I Still That Special Man, and our darling Ifunanya, below are PSquuare’s greatest love hits through the years arranged in no particular order.

Omoge Mi

Album: Get Squared (2005)

Say Your Love

Album: Get Squared (2005)


Album: Get Squared (2005)

No One Like You

Album: Game Over (2007)

Am I Still That Special Man

Album: Game Over (2007)


Album: Game Over (2007)

I Love You

Album: Danger (2009)


Album: Danger (2009)

Your Name



Album: Invasion (2011)


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