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#Bbnaija 2022: Sheggz and Bella Forced to Apologize to the Housemates Over Poor Participation (Video)

The big brother Naija level up season 7 most talked about couple seems to be having it rough this few days, from personal relationship issues to issues with the house and biggie.

Yesterday, it was the fans of Bella petitioning the show organisers to disqualify Sheggz for distracting their favorite Bella, and making her misbehave and Lossing concentration.

Today they were made do apologize to the house for not participating fully in the wager games, which they reluctantly did.

This has really brought about the issue of Sheggz being a total distraction to Bella according to fans of Bella, though I still believe she shouldn’t be excused of any ill manner, as the backlash seems to always go to Sheggz.

The couple despite everything thing and all the issues they seem to be having every day that passes by, they seem to love each other very well and wouldn’t separate.

Watch video below:


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