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#BBNaija 2022: "Nigerians Are Not Used To The UK Mentality And Take Crit!cism As Rudeness” – Sheggz to Doyin

Sheggz : Nigerians are not used to the UK mentality and take crit!cism as rudeness.

Doyin: I disagree. People don’t respond to your audacity or confidence. They don’t have an issue with it. They respond to your rudeness and the manner you address them.

Doyin: Shege I like you but in my opinion, you don’t possess the kind of good character I hope will win the show.

Sheggz : some people can’t carry the brand.

Doyin: I disagree. You can’t say that. Everyone can carry the brand.

Sheggz : people in this house think my babe and I are clout magnet.

Doyin: you say this a lot but I don’t think I agree.

Sheggz: I feel like if I win the show I will carry the brand soo well

Doyin: in my opinion I don’t agree with you,I don’t think u qualify for the character trait that I feel should win and carry the brand..u are my friend but that’s my opinion. 


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