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Amid critical concerns over Queen Elizabeth II’s health, here’s what will happen if she dies

At 96, Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-serving British Monarch having been named queen regnant in 1952 at 25 years old, becoming the ruler of seven independent Commonwealth countries: the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan, and Ceylon (known today as Sri Lanka), as well as Head of the Commonwealth.

Indeed, all the common wealth states, including Nigeria and several other African countries are directly affiliated with the British throne and, following the news that her doctors have become very concerned over her health, prompting her family members to leave their individual abodes for the Queen’s place in Balmoral Castle, it could well mean that doctors suspect the Queen’s demise might be near.

In her time, Elizabeth has seen over a dozen UK Prime Ministers, nearly 20 summer Olympics, and more than a dozen catholic popes. She remains pivotal in the alliances that the UK shares with many territories and partner organisations especially in charity and human relief. Surely her demise will resound all over when it eventually happens.

According to the documentary you’re about to watch put together by Business Insider, the Queen’s home has an operation code named London Bridge and contains a series of actions to trigger, including funeral rites when the Queen passes to glory. At 96, it would be a celebration of life, but surely many things would have to change, with her son Prince Charles (heir apparent to the British throne) set to become King.

Queen Elizabeth lost her husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh in April 2021 also aged 96. And the UK could be about to witness two high-profile Royal Family funerals in little over a year.

What will happen when Queen Elizabeth II dies? Check out the video below.

Business Insider on Twitter: "What will happen when Queen Elizabeth II dies? pic.twitter.com/2WEGheF7Jy / Twitter"

What will happen when Queen Elizabeth II dies? pic.twitter.com/2WEGheF7Jy


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