Rema Releases ‘Calm Down’ Remix Featuring Selena Gomez (Listen)

Singers Rema and Selena Gomez have released their highly-anticipated collaboration, the remix for his 2021 song “Calm Down.”

Speculations about the collaboration- or a romantic relationship- were sparked by pictures of Selena Gomez kissing Rema as she arrived for his Los Angeles show earlier this month.

The two stars then confirmed the collaboration on their separate social media pages.

“Finally! Calm down with @selenagomez is out now!,” Rema tweeted shortly after the song dropped.

“This one’s special to me, big ups to our supporters! Now let’s take this to a whole new level TOGETHER!”

The reviews from fans was mostly positive with may noting that American singer’s vocals blended well with Rema’s delivery contrary to initial expectations.

“Selena Gomez delivered on Calm Down remix, she fits in so well, Rema picked the right person for sonic delivery, now let’s hope it goes beyond that,” noted writer Basito.

Another music writer Olamide tweeted: “Selena Gomez ate Calm Down Remix and left no crumbs. Another international hit in the bag for Rema.”

While social media influencer compared Rema and Selena Gomez on the song to Gala and La Casera.

Listen Below:

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