Reactions As American Soldier Flies To Lagos To Surprise His Nigerian Fiancee On Her Birthday (Video)

A TikTok video making the rounds on social media has shown the moment a US soldier surprised his Nigerian fiancee after flying into the country from The United States on her birthday.

The man seen in his military regalia snuck up on his fiancee during her birthday photoshoot in a hallway. The woman who rocked a red gown to mark her day looked stunned to see her man.

The celebrant nearly tripped in disbelief and shock after seeing her fiancee who is thought to be miles away. The sweet moment, however, got mixed reactions from social media users.

It is believed by many that the woman’s reaction is questionable while others say she was just too shocked to process the moment.

Mystroo wrote: It’s either, he didnt just fly down kan kan and it’s a pre-wedding shoot clout, or the barnie dey cheat.. Leemaa to the Oooo, she’s even removing his hands from her body…

Arome weote: One of the reasons why I am not a fan of posting about relationships on SM. The guy will start thinking too much after seeing the reaction from this video.

Watch the video and reaction below:

Oku on Twitter: "He flew down to surprise his fiancee celebrating her Birthday. 😁 / Twitter"

He flew down to surprise his fiancee celebrating her Birthday. 😁

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