Rapster, Drake’s New Hairstyle Sparks Hilarious Reactions From Fans (Photos)

Canadian rapper Drake has a new hairstyle and as expected, it’s been getting a lot of reactions on social media.

The 35-year-old debuted his new slicked back wavy locks on social media Friday, asking his followers suggestions for a new name to match his new look.

“Give this guy a name,”he asked. 

Singer Justin Bieber suggested Clarence Donovan aka Steezeeman Deluxe while rapper Quavo went for Razor Aubrey Ramone aka Scott Hall, adding a razor emoji for emphasis.

Others dropped names like Lionel Drizzy, Tito Drake, Champagne Escobar, Rico Suvey, Don Drake, Aubrey Carbone, Champagne Shaggy, Slick Drake and Wolf of 6 street.

As for Rapper Vory, he noted that Drake looks like an ‘Italian  god father’ while actor King Keraun pointed out that “the album you make with that hair gone be crazy.”

Keraun might be on to something since the “God’s Plan” singer has been known to draw inspiration from his music while in the barbershop. For his 2021 album “Certified Lover Boy” he had a heart shaved into his head, a style which went viral and was widely copied by fans.

Drake would later reveal that he suffered hair loss after catching Covid and that messed up the infamous haircut.

“That shit grew in weird,” he wrote n the comments section of a fan video.

“I had to start again. It’s coming back. Don’t diss.”

The rapper would later ditch  the Certified Lover Boy haircut for braids in March this year.

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