House Of The Dragon Scores Early Season 2 Renewal At HBO

House of the Dragon was always destined for success. Yet, following the very divisive reception to the finale of its parent show, Game of Thrones, no one can blame HBO for treading with caution. Thanks to HOTD’s very impressive series premiere last Sunday, HBO and fans alike can now put all the apprehension to rest as there’s more dragon in our future. 

House of the Dragon has been renewed for a second season at HBO after premiering only one episode. The episode drew in an impressive 10 million viewers, the best for any HBO show in the cable network’s history, surpassing even Game of Thrones’. Also, the reception by viewers has been amazing. It was a mindblowing episode and people can’t wait to see more of the drama set to unfold in this Westeros time period.

It’s easy to see how this House of the Dragon achieved this feat. Regardless of the polarizing final season, Game of Thrones still remains one of the most highly-rated episodes in TV history. The show was phenomenal and ground-breaking, and it changed the face of TV show production for its time and the future. It takes more than a few bad apples in the show’s run to completely destroy such a legacy and, deep down, fans know this.

New episodes of House of the Dragon drops on HBO and HBO Max Sundays.

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