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“He Slept With Church Choristers”- Uproar As Apostle Suleman’s Church Son Reveals Alleged Top Secrets

According to recent sources, Apostle Johnson Suleman, the founder and leader of Omega Fire Ministry, has been accused of a number of offenses.

Apostle Johnson Suleman has previously come under fire for reportedly having affairs with numerous women, including Nollywood actors.

The apostle has often denied the rumors, but a recent video shared by a well-known Facebook journalist shows the apostle’s church son, identified as Joseph, directly addressing the charges.

In an effort to clear his name after learning of the apostle’s extramarital activities, he described how the apostle condemned him.

He went on to say that after he had introduced the apostle to his girlfriend, Suleman tried to entice her into having se.x with him and even gave her N100k in cash.

In other news, Nollywood Actor, Okechukwu Joseph has cautioned his industry comrades to stop sleeping with preachers and leaders of religious organizations or face the repercussions of their behavior.

He wrote: 

“I’m not perfect but I’ve done a lot to help people, especially my colleagues understand that life isn’t all about Fame & Glamour. I see no wisdom in living a fake, deceptive life & making those who work hard to earn a living look stupid.

Quit selling your glory for peanuts to these bastards! They’re glory hunters who have sold their souls and glory to the devil. Without your glory they’re finished. It’s called Sex Magick! You have them in Religion, in Politics, in the Corporate world & beyond. I have videos that explain these SEX MAGICK acts on my YT channel @Joseph Okechukwu.

They take your glory, your womb, your life essence, your beauty, your longevity, your sanity and more, and the compensation is some silly toy that you call G-Wagon or Range Rover and some apartment or house somewhere?? Really??!! Work hard and trust in the Lord your God and He will make your ways prosperous. Mercy Lord!”


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