Download Latest GBwhatsapp Pro v17.00 July 2022 Version Updated

It's time to download the most recent version of this apk or program if you utilize or are a fan of GBWhatsApp. They recently released GBWhatsapp version 17.00, which fixes the majority of the bugs and issues you might have been experiencing with the previous version. Download the most recent version of the app right away.

In comparison to the standard WhatsApp, GBwhatsapp has been one of the best alternative mod apks. This modified version of WhatsApp, known as GBwhatsapp, has some amazing features that will enable you to perform tasks that you may not have thought possible on it and that are not present in the current version of WhatsApp that we use.

Basic Features Of GBwhatsapp 

• Anti delete messages from everywhere, which makes you see messages that your partner has deleted from you still.

• Eligible to View deleted status, which you can still view and see a status that your partner has deleted before.

• Basic hide and view status entails that you can actually view someone’s status without the person’s notice that you view his or her status.

• Freeze last seen. Nobody will know when you are online or offline.

• WhatsApp anti-ban features, this feature is added not to get a ban from WhatsApp due to the ban issue faced some years back. 

The major goal of publishing the most recent version of any program or app is to address any faults that users may have reported and to include new features that will enhance the app's visual appeal. Let's now examine a few recently introduced features on the most recent GBwhatsapp Pro versions, including v17.00.

Fixed Bug And Recently Added Features On GBwhatsapp Pro v17.00

1. Newly added default theme both light and Night.

2. One UI design is being excluded.

3. New UI for adding IG status stories on WhatsApp has been added.

4. Another UI is to begin designing for adding the bottom button to your GBWhatsApp.

5. A new UI design for some optional buttons has been added.

6. The process to the Animate name in the header when it’s too long is added.

7. The process to also animate the airplane icon when it’s turned on too is added.

8. Contact picture that it seems not to be showing when Sending media on the group is being fixed.

9. The button bar style that is not working correctly it’s been fixed.

10. The translation of languages has been updated.

11. The Airplane and Light, Night icon that is not hiding in the group tap is being fixed.

12. The IG story view for WhatsApp story it’s been added with a new style.

13. And other related features and bugs have been fixed on the latest gbwhatsapp pro v17.00.

How To Download Latest GBwhatsapp Pro Version 17.00

• The Downloading link will be provided below.

• Click on the link then you will be directed to the download page.

• Once you got to the download page click on download GBwhatsapp.

• You will be notified that the app might damage your device, ignore the notice and click on the ok button.

• And your file will start downloading ASAP. 

How To Install GBwhatsapp

• Once you’ve successfully downloaded the app goto the download page.

• Click on the GBwhatsapp file you just downloaded.

• Which is version 17.00 GBwhatsapp pro file.

• An install synchronization page will pop up for verification of the app.

• Once it’s been verified you will be asked to install the app or cancel.

• And if you have installed or have an old version of the app on your device before.

• You will be asked to install and update the app.

• Click on the install button and your app which GBwhatsapp will start installing or updating.

• Once it’s finished with the installation process you will be asked to open the app.

That’s all. 

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