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Bella & Sheggz Knack Themselves Under The Duvet Last Night (WATCH VIDEO)

Big brother naija reality celebrities and contestants on Big Brother Naija Season 7 Level 1 Housemate According to Daniel Olusemo, best known for his performance as Sheggz, and Bella Okagbue, his beloved partner on Big Brother Naija, has recently sparked reactions while having fun. in a more adult way.

A video clip currently making the rounds on social media and other online platforms captured the incredible event that took place between Sheggz and Bella, the two people responsible for founding the Shella ship.

We now have a feeling that the ship between the two housemates competing on Big Brother Naija Season 7 might be sailing properly.

This is based on how things seem to be going.

Although the now-viral clip between the two beloved housemates Sheggz and Bella Okagbue has sparked a number of reactions, including some criticism leveled at Bella for comments she made earlier on the show to the effect that she can’t behave that way.

Because her parents are watching, the clip has gone viral.

On the other hand, she is currently engaging in behavior that contradicts what she stated on the Big Brother Naija Season 7 broadcast.

Watch the Viral video below;


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