#BBNaija: A Budding Friendship Hits The Rocks As Diana Blocks All Attempts Of Reconciliation With Giddyfia.

Diana has been the object of affection for a few guys both in the Level 1 and Level 2 House and one of those is her fellow Housemate Giddyfia. He had revealed to the guys in Level 1 that he felt Diana was into him because of the attention she paid to him. They had asked if he wanted to be in a relationship but he responded that he would try to get close to her because he also liked Doyin.

During the Saturday Night Party, bodies mingled and everyone rocked as the Housemates were meeting each other for what would be the second time. The events of that party will however play against Giddyfia in his attempt to get to know Diana. 

Trouble started for him when he told Doyin that he likes her and didn’t want to tell her because he felt she would take offence or better yet reject him. Doyin however knew of his presumed affection for Diana and went on to tell Diana about Giddyfia’s advances.

She denied this saying it wasn’t true. Giddyfia went on to apologise for upsetting her to which she replied again that he did not upset her. At this point, it was obvious Diana was not here to play. “I know you are hurt” he said and she denied this yet again but said she just can’t deal with lack of respect. 
She told him she was going to free him to enjoy his experience in the House and was not interested in being a part of it. 

She said she had thought their closeness would be the beginning of a beautiful and nice friendship but now that was all gone. She went on saying she had reached her limit as a friend to him and was cutting him loose to live his life. 

Do y'all think these two will mend fences in the future?

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