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#BBNaija 2022: What You May Need To Know About Adekunle and Sheggz Altercation

After trying to sort out their issues following Ebuka's intervention at the 5th Live Show, Adekunle and Sheggz butt heads again last night. The fight escalated from a short exchange of words. Sheggz called Adekunle 'stupid,' and he went on to say he didn't think Adekunle was 'intellectual' as he went to a better school than him.

The word 'stupid' triggered Adekunle, and he had an intense outburst. According to him, he 'was ready to fight' Sheggz even if it meant getting a strike. The Level 1 housemates were able to separate the fight before it got physical.

On the surface, the scrawl seems trivial. However, we can't help but wonder if the fight's leading cause is due to underlying issues. Adekunle had previously revealed that he liked Bella before Sheggz came into the picture. He also called their relationship a 'strategy' during a conversation with Giddyfia and Diana. Sheggz, on the other hand, thinks Adekunle was not genuine, and he struggles to see 'where his heart is at.'

Some #BBNaija fans think the fight was caused by Adekunle, who they believe loves to gossip, while others blamed Sheggz, who they claim talks too much. What else do you think set off this argument?

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