#bbnaija 2022: Modella and Bryann Finally Settle Scores Under The Duvet (Watch Video)

Last night, there was a unit soap task for all the housemates, which took over 4 hours before completion. The housemates were, in turn, asked to participate.

When the task finished, the housemates were exhausted, and all had to go to bed. And we all know Modella and Bryann like each other romantically, and they usually share a bed.

Just then, Modella and Bryann were seen under the duvet, with Modella romancing Bryan’s chest. And some other things occurred.

Watch video;

Bbngossipblog on Twitter: "Modella and Bryann 🌚🌚#BBNaija #BBNaijaS7 #Bbngossipblog pic.twitter.com/RejDorcJw4 / Twitter"

Modella and Bryann 🌚🌚#BBNaija #BBNaijaS7 #Bbngossipblog pic.twitter.com/RejDorcJw4

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