#BBNaija 2022: I Saw My Eviction In A Dream - Ilebaye reveals

Odiniya Ilebaye Precious, popularly known as Ilebaye, is an actress and a model. She is one of the housemates in the ongoing Big Brother Naija 2022 Season seven ‘Level Up’. The 21-year-old indigene of Kogi State is a graduate of Criminology and Security Studies from Salem University, Lokoja. In this interview with IJEOMA THOMAS-ODIA, Ilebaye, who got evicted from the BBN House three weeks into the show, speaks on what may have led to her eviction and her plans going forward.

How do you feel that you left at the time you did?

I felt really bad, I wasn’t really happy because I thought I could stay for more time, discover myself, have fun and achieve what I went for. I am still glad that I was accepted and spent the three weeks I did. I am still grateful and happy.

Did you see your eviction coming?

No, I didn’t. I felt that even if I didn’t get the money, I would be among the top five. When it was time for the nominations, I told myself not to be scared and I was 95 per cent sure I wasn’t going anywhere because I knew myself as I was just playing the game, being real and people love it when one is real. Not until on Saturday when I had a dream about my sister at home and by Sunday morning I knew I would be going home. Dreams don’t lie, maybe God is trying to tell me just be prepared. In that dream my sister also mentioned Khalid, so it confirmed it.

Tell us about your acting career?

When I was in JSS1, I started acting in the Wale Adenuga Production’s Papa Ajasco, Super Story, Nnenna and Friends. My skills developed and I told myself I would further my acting career after getting a degree. At the time I was acting, I was in school and it wasn’t easy managing both, so I thought I should finish it at once and focus on acting.

One of the housemates, Bella was asked to mention who she would like to leave the BBN house and she mentioned your name, saying you were annoying. What is your reaction to this?

I haven’t seen that clip where it was said, but maybe to her I was annoying. I am not sure it is so to the rest of the house. For me, I am a very blunt person. If you do something wrong, I will tell you straightforward without going through the corners or hiding anything. I also feel like, in the house, I was misunderstood. Maybe the reason they feel I am annoying is the argument I had with Beauty. I am the youngest in the house and I don’t like being oppressed so I speak up when necessary and they see it. Nevertheless I understand myself and I like people telling me the truth. If the majority tells me I am annoying, I will like to know what is annoying about my character. But then I still move.

Share with us your relationship with Brian?

Bryann is a friend in the house, there was no feelings attached. I see us as just two matured people who came into the Big Brother House for vibes. He told me that he liked me, but I told him that I just came here for vibes and nothing serious, because you are not my type, let us just cuddle and catch cruise. I also felt that he was just confused because today he is with this person, the next day he chooses another. I don’t want to be with that kind of person. For me, there is no connection, I have him as just a friend. He is a good friend because whenever I am down he is always there; in fact it affects him because he doesn’t like to see me sick or sad. He is just a friend I like to keep outside the house. Nothing deep.

How real are the things you guys do in the House, because a lot of people feel it is scripted?

They are 100 per cent real, nothing is scripted. Even with the cameras everywhere, we say what we are not supposed to say and nobody corrects us. We just live our lives like we are in our own world. It is pure and real.

What will you be focusing on now?

I want to have my empire and focus on it. I don’t want to start something that will collapse in a few years. I want to do something that will be known all over the world. I also want to own an orphanage home. I want to be a reason someone has a shelter. I also want to purse my acting and modeling career too. Expect more from Ilebaye.

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