#BBNaija 2022: Daniella and Groovy Both Had Relationships With People Who Are No Longer In The House.

Daniella was in relationship with Khalid and he had been evicted while Groovy was in relationship with Beauty and she was disqualified.

Groovy have already started a relationship with Phyna while Daniella doesnt want to start any relationship because of how close she was with Khalid.

Alot of people would have expected Groovy to stay like Daniella and not start up a new relationship.

That would have been very nice and least it would show that he truly loved her while she was still in the house.

But unfortunately Beauty was too possessive.

After Beauty was disqualified I heard him telling his friends that he will never continue the relationship with Beauty outside the house that the relationship was very  stressful to him.

He said that Beauty was too jeolous and violent.

I watched the video where he was saying this to Bryann, Kess and PharmSav.

I have heard him alot of people saying he shouldn't have started a new relationship with Phyna. 

His case is not the same as  Daniella's.

 Daniella and Khalid never had issues before he was evicted but Beauty and Groovy kept having issues because she was too jealous and short-tempered.

I have written this so that people will stop comparing Groovy to Daniella making it  look like he is a playboy and was never serious in his relationship with Beauty before she was sent out of the house.

And again Beauty fans should stop attacking Phyna she no do una anything.

Groovy and Beauty have already ended their relationship and he had moved on.

If divorced men could remarry why won't Groovy move on to another relationship.

You guys should rather blame Beauty for being possessive and short-tempered and leave innocent Groovy alone.

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