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Yul Edochie condemns the act of stoning a gay man to death.

Nollywood star Yul Edochie has denounced the recent execution of three men in Nigeria's Bauchi state who were allegedly gay.

The actor expressed his unhappiness with the practice of stoneing people to death due of their sexual orientation on his Instagram page.

"It's wrong to stone a man to death just because he's gay. Totally incorrect I don't plan to be gay and I'm not gay. However, gay people are also persons. And should also have rights," 

he wrote in his post:

The actor's opinion on the subject was released a few days after it made headlines that a Sharia court in Bauchi had sentenced three gay men to death by stoning.

The defendants were reportedly found guilty of sodomy and condemned by the Islamic court without having access to legal counsel to argue their case.

According to the BBC, the condemned defendants at the Bauchi Sharia court are two teenagers and an elderly man.

LGBT rights are regularly violated, as homosexuality is outlawed throughout Nigeria and subject to a maximum 14-year prison sentence in a traditional court setting.


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