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You Must Exercise Greater Caution When Endorsing Certain Groups Of Individuals, Artists, Or Products In Light Of Vocalist Portable's Most Recent Threatening Actions.

The threatening problem that singer Portable is currently causing in society should not surprise those who have supported his success up until this point.

When you support a crazy and cheer him on to success, he will stop looking for treatment or an asylum. In reality, they granted Portable the authority and control he currently wields with disastrous results. Even worse, there are evildoers who are immensely wealthy and powerful who are just waiting to take advantage of such unfortunate people.

It prompts new questions about the types of people we accept in our society. Whether we like it or not, our indulgence increases their notoriety and advances their profession in some way.

The onus is on well-intentioned people to shape the types of materials that are circulating in our secular space in a country as liberal as Nigeria (more lawless than liberal sha), where the leadership needs to be reminded of its responsibility and commitment to maintaining law and order, and there are absolutely no consequences for breaking the law.

In Nigeria today, the number of unconscious people dwarfs the number of conscious people by a factor of two, and that is the issue.

Whether he was attempting to gain influence or not, Portable may predictably escape punishment with his most recent boastful, damning, and sacrilegious remarks regarding the founding of multiple criminal organizations. Unfortunately, no incident like this should ever be ignored. Who will bell the cat? The same group of powerful individuals that dorime-ed and zazu-ed to choose the next prospective president? Lol. the same people, motivated by their own hunger for power, who still organize and support gang movements and violent crime?

Therefore, it is entirely up to you to be more aware. Despite how much their work makes you feel a dopamine rush, it's acceptable to examine your fandoms.


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