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These 5 Bold Fashion Statements from the Singer Show Why Burna Boy's Oslo Concert Outfit Wasn't a Wardrobe Mistake, Despite What the Internet Said.

During a concert in Oslo, the capital of Norway, Burna Boy recently divided fans with his attire. While many have made fun of his dress choices for the evening, we don't believe there was any sort of wardrobe malfunction or catastrophe.

Over the past four years, Burna's stock has significantly increased. He has demonstrated throughout that he can keep it simple or go full sophisticated rocking outfits from Off-White, Louis Vuitton, Bottega, Tom Ford, and more. Both his music and his fashion have evolved.

Despite the criticism, we don't believe Burna will be discouraged in any way because the renowned musician has always been audacious with his design choices, appearing in front of crowds of up to 20,000 people and posing for prominent publications like Rolling Stone and GQ.

Look at these 5 pictures of him wearing clothing that most people would never be brave enough to wear.

#1 Burna Boy During 2022 Billboard Music Awards

Not many people will feel at ease wearing the exposed, all-lace co-ord that Burna chose to perform in at the BBMAs.

#2 Burna Boy Poses for GQ 2021

This outfit was designed by Burna for GQ in 2021 and has a boot-cut vintage pair of pants and a blouse with a related pattern. However, the pose and shoe just slightly off-center the outfit.

#3 Burna Boy for Poses Evening Standard

How old is this costume in old school? This picture was published when Burna was contacted by Evening Standard for a feature.

#4 Burna Boy During a Concert in New York

a jacket with a mosaic design, coordinating leggings, boots in purple and yellow, and a purple top hat. How many individuals would think they would be taken seriously if they looked like this? At a concert in New York City, Burna killed it with this attire.

#5 Primavera Music Festival 2022

Identify the white shoe that Burna wore with his Olso outfit? This occurred a few of weeks ago during the Primavera Music Festival. Although we can't be certain, the Grammy winner might have worn these pants to show support for the LGBTQ+ community. If it was, it was certainly thoughtful.


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