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M.I Abaga Teases a new album and final performance as M.I. before retiring the moniker.

Ahead of the release of his fourth solo album, rapper Jude Lemfani Abaga, better known by his stage name M.I. Abaga, has announced he will be retiring the M.I moniker.

M.I announced this on his social media platforms as well as the website of his creative firm, TASCK, www.thetasck.com. Additionally, the 40-year-old rapper teased his upcoming album by calling it "rough AF."

The rapper claims that the untitled album will be released the following month, in August 2022, and that his final performance as M.I. Abaga will take place at "The Vibe" on July 10th, honoring his legacy as Africa's greatest rapper.

Following the success of his first studio album, "M.I 1: Talk About it," M.I gained notoriety in 2008. He has since continued to be one of the most well-liked rappers in Nigeria and Africa, releasing three more solo albums, the most recent of which came out in 2018. Rappers Loose Kanyon, AQ, and Blaqbonez and he recently collaborated on the album "Behold The Lamb."
M.I. and his team appear to have imitated the creative rollout strategy used by well-known American rapper Kendrick Lamar to promote his most recent album, "Mr Morale & The Big Steppers," by including a thumbnail image of the rapper in the middle of the TASCK homepage along with three other folders.

While the name change message was in one folder, a note addressed to the fans had M.

Let me sign off as "the guy." The video is below.

I hope you haven’t lost the feeling…
There’s a feeling you always had as child. When you saw a new game, a new challenge, a new toy… you wanted to try it first! You wanted to be the person to experience it first! You were not afraid to ask for it because you knew you were worthy.
Often this world can make us forget that… forget our worth. It can make us afraid to ask to be selected, to be chosen, to say when it is our turn to be acknowledged or honored.
Whether messiah or traitor, loved or hated, you deserve to never lose that feeling. You deserve to retain the confidence that came with your childlike sense of wonder.
I hope that through this album, you remember that feeling. Confidence. How it felt when you knew that before anybody else, you de! Na you still de!
I hope you remember that you have always been the worthy one.”
– the guy

The final of the three folders has a 30-second video clip that is overlaid with what appears to be a new song from the next album, with M.I rapping "Alhamdulillah, God is great I can't lie."

M.I Abaga on Twitter: "It's that time! #TheGuyIsHere pic.twitter.com/nhTDXR8yT1 / Twitter"

It's that time! #TheGuyIsHere pic.twitter.com/nhTDXR8yT1

Although it hasn't been officially confirmed, we believe M.I's upcoming album will be called "the guy." What do you believe? Remember to check back for updates.


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