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How a Plateau Man Was Executed for Murdering His Girlfriend

A high court in Jos, Plateau State, sentenced Badung David Dele, 40, to death for the murder of Nanchin Zacharias, his girlfriend.

Zacharias was strangled to death on February 15, 2016, in Dele's apartment in Angwan Nasarawa Gwom, Jos North Local Government Area, for turning down his offer to a Valentine's Day picnic.

Justice Christy L. Dabup of High Court No. 11 found Dele guilty on Tuesday, July 5, 2022.

He was convicted of culpable homicide, a crime punishable under section 221 of Northern Nigeria's Penal Code.

The Nasarawa Gwom Divisional Police Headquarters, Jos, detained the defendant after he had previously entered a guilty plea.

The court's decision was based on three factors, according to the presiding judge, including the accused person's self-confessional declaration, an eyewitness account, and circumstantial evidence from the witnesses.

The Nation reported that Dele allegedly reached out to Nanchin to try to resolve their issues and extended an invitation to go out on Valentine's Day. Apparently, the dead turned down the invitation.

A source close to the couple claimed that they had been together for nearly four years before a misunderstanding developed just before Valentine's Day.

Although they had apparently been apart for some time, Nanchin allegedly thought that there was no basis for a relationship between them.

The next morning, Dele allegedly barged into Nanchin's flat and demanded an explanation for why she had missed the expedition.

After allegedly grabbing her by the neck and strangling her to death, he allegedly exited the apartment and approached a neighbor outside, telling him that he needed to go buy some medication for his "sick" friend.

According to reports, he gave his neighbor, a woman, his phone number and urged her to call him in case of an emergency.

When Mama Joy entered Nanchin's room because she thought something odd had happened, she saw Nanchin comatose on her bed.

According to Mama Joy,

“I called her name but she did not respond so I moved closer and I discovered that she was dead. I ran out, screaming to alert the people around. I was shocked that the boy managed to kill this girl without a gun. There was no blood on her body,” 

Dele was taken into custody that day, and after further questioning, he admitted to having committed the crime.


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