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Hijack 93: The Mad Men And The Air Craft, a new film co-produced by Play Network Studios, Native Media, and the UK government,

In association with the UK government and Native Media, Play Network Studios is producing the motion picture Hijack 93: The Mad Men And The Air Craft, which is based on the 1993 hijacking of a plane by Nigerian terrorists.

CEO Charles Okpaleke (Charles of Play) made the announcement on his official Instagram page.

The CEO posted:

“The movie; “The Hijack 93” is an unequalled creative mission by two of the most prolific film production companies in Nigeria, Play Network Studios and Native Media TV, in collaboration with UK-based filmmaker, @femioyeniran. The co-production, largely supported by the UK Government Department of International Trade (DIT), who have been actively seeking and facilitating UK-Nigeria co-productions in the film & TV space, and the British Film Institute, BFI, aims to tell this legendary African story through the prism of motion pictures. The co-collaborators find this project most expedient for encouragement because they acknowledge that what happens to us is our story, and the stories we tell become our history. The story of the African person must be told and defined by Africans.

“cc: @rogers.ofime @playnetworkstudios @agozieugwu

“A huge shout out to the team @chim_lungu and @nankkling for making this happening. We move!!”

Hijack 93: The Mad Men And The Air Craft follows the Nigerian Airways plane hijack of October 25, 1993, which saw four Nigerian young men; Richard Ogunderu, Kabir Adenuga, Benneth Oluwadaisi, and Kenny Rasaq-Lawal commandeer a Nigerian Airways airplane en route Abuja from Lagos, forcing its pilots to land in Niger republic. This was in a move to strong-arm the Nigerian government to hand over power to MKO Abiola following the June 12 annulment.


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