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At the Wireless Festival, Cardi B uses her microphone to attack a fan onstage.

During her performance at Wireless Festival, Cardi B seems to slap down a fan who barged the stage.

Artists are not frightened to protect themselves from the audience because the fans are out of control. In a recent video, Cardi B can be seen shoving a fan who interrupted her performance at the Wireless Festival in London, United Kingdom.

Videos of the event have already gone viral, showing the artist reacting angrily to the disturbance by using her microphone to push the bothersome fan away.

The Bronx rapper, 29, is seen performing in a black see-through leotard in the footage shared by The Neighborhood Talk, but she is then seen defending herself after being startled by someone who isn't there. At the Wireless Festival in London on Friday, Cardi B was spotted defending herself by striking the individual with her microphone. Users of social media are left puzzled as the screen turns blank.

Cardi B allegedly reacted by hitting the person with the microphone after they took hold of her hair on stage.

Fans in the crowd look astonished by the rapper's actions as she swings at the target, and some yell "Cardi! Cardi! Cardi!" in solidarity.

Cardi B shared several videos from her Wireless performance and thanked her collaborator Megan Thee Stallion and her husband, Offset, for their support, but she made no mention of the incident. Cardi B did not appear to be bothered by the entire ordeal.

"WIRELESS LONG ASSS STAGE AINT NO JOKE," I'll say to you. You'll need a lot of endurance. THANKS FOR ROCKING WITH ME, MEGA MILLION MEGAN @theestallion & HUBBINGTON @offsetyrn! On Instagram, she posted.

After the event, she updated her Instagram Stories to include a photo of her and her husband eating fast food.

While everything was going on, more videos from various perspectives were posted online, showing a partygoer attempting to steal Cardi's microphone but instead receiving multiple slaps to the face from the metal object.

Fans that were present at the event described what happened.

"I was present when the fan pulled the woman and she begged him to stop. The supporter turned him down and met Belcalis in the Bronx. Case resolved, your honor. a follower wrote.

Don't believe everything you see, said Cardi B in another tweet.

The event has not been specifically mentioned by the Bronx rapper.


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