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June 22, 2022

SEO: How To Check If Your Blog Posts Have Been Indexed On Google Search Result

In blogging, Search Engine Optimization plays a vital role as it is necessary and essential for showing your blog posts on google search results and as well for webpages ranking. 

Writing a post on your blog without google bot crawling your blog to index those posts is quiet frustrating, the happiness in blogging is seeing that your posts appears in google search results whenever any reader searches for information. 

Bear in mind that google can never index your blog posts if you haven't set up the necessary functions which gives google bot the command to craw your blog. Search Engine Optimization is like a digestive system of every blog that is to say, after you must have fed your blog with contents, it's the work of SEO to digest your contents on google search results. 

What Is The Work Of SEO?

Like I said earlier, Search Engine Optimization plays an essential role of indexing and ranking of webpages on google search.

Without SEO being set up on your blog, your posts won't attract organic traffic from Google, your blog will remain private and people won't get to notice that such a blog exists. Many blogs that has their contents displayed on google search results are as a result of SEO. 

What Are The Tools For Setting Up SEO On Blogs?

There are different tools google has provided which can be used to set up SEO and I will be mentioning the primary ones on this post. 

1. Sitemap
2. Search Console
3. Robots txt
4. Schema Markup data
5. Meta tags

I will be tutoring you on how to set up this tools on next post if you don't have any clue about it. So once you have these mentioned tools being set up, your blog post will start showing on goggle search results.

How To Check Your Blog Indexed Posts On Google Search

Though the sitemap will always show you how many posts the google bot have indexed from your blog and posts with errors, it is also good to check on google search and see the posts which were indexed by Google bot. 

This is a simple technic to check for your posts on google search, just open your browser and type on the search bar "" then search.
(Replace the 'yourwebsite' with your blog url). You can also check for a particular post on your blog by copying the link of the particular post and pasting it after 'site:' then search.

See The Screenshot Below for illustration;
Please drop a comment in the comment section if you need any help!

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