How to Share Your Blogger Post To Telegram Automatically And Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Most times, people talk about sharing their blogger contents or articles to social medias like Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, whatsapp group but forgot to mention that you can share your contents to telegram groups or channel. 

Driving traffic from telegram is very easy and flexible, why because unlike WhatsApp group where you only add members who are on your phone contacts but in telegram you can build a group or channel of people are not only on your contacts but also strangers who are willing to subscribe to your blog and become your readers. 

In this post I will be teaching you how to create a telegram group or channel and connect it to your blogger blog through iftt. so that your posts can automatically share to them when you make a new post on your blog. 

What is IFTTT?

This is a website that helps share your contents automatically to your social media accounts when it is connected to your blog. IFTTT serves a link or bond between your blog and your social media, with the help of Ifttt you don't have to manually share your posts yourself. This website services are free but you can switch to the premium version of their service of you want to.  

How To Create A Telegram Group Or Channel

1. Download Telegram or Telegraph from Google or google play store and sign up with your number. I believe you should know how to do this.

2. After your sign up, click on the pencil below and it will take you to the next page.

3. For groups, select new group and it will take you to a new page, select the contacts of the people you want to add to the group and move to the next page, enter the name of your group ( you can use your blog title) and finally click on the good sign. now your group is set.

For Channels, select new channel, enter your channel name (use your blog title) and enter your site description and click the good sign. now your channel is set. 

How To Connect Your Blogger To Your Telegram Group Or Channel And Share Your Posts Automatically

1. Click on IFTTT and sign up 

2. After sign up, select Applets on the explore page and search for blogger then connect the applet to your blogger. 

3. When you have connected your blogger to the applet, on the same blogger integration page, select telegram applet below.

4. Now you will see other different applets that will help you share your posts to the telegram group or channel automatically, select the first applet as show below and connect.

5. A bot will be added to your telegram, now make the bot admin of your group or channel and follow the bot instructions to share posts to your telegram automatically. 

6. After you have added the bot to your group as admin, return to the Ifttt telegram applet and change the applet Target chat to your group or channel and save.

Now your new posts will start sharing to your telegram group or channel automatically. All you have to do is invite people to your telegram group or channel with your invitation link 

Drop your questions if you need any help.

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