Charlie Puth and Jung Kook Drops New Song & Visual for “Left and Right” | Watch Now

Charlie Puth and Jung Kook of Kpop super band, BTS shared  a replacement  song on Friday,  Midsummer Day  titled “Left and Right.” 

The duo also shared the music video for the song, sending YouTube servers temporarily crashing as fans jostled  to observe  the brand new visual.

Recall that BTS had earlier announced in a session that  they might  be going on an indefinite hiatus to focus more on their solo careers and chart the next possible best course for their hugely successful boy band.

“Left and Right” will now become  the primary  BTS-related release following the shocking revelation of their mini-split which dampened the mood of their huge global fan base.

In just over 4 hours of its release, the video has been viewed over 4 million times on YouTube. #TheBTS effect.

Watch Charlie Puth and Jung Kook Left and Right video below. 
Click HERE to stream the audio.

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